1861: Robert J. Peek to Sister

This letter was written by Robert J. Peek (1815-1903) of Greene county, Georgia. He was the son of John Comer Peek, Jr. (17xx-1816) and Mary Champion (1783-1848).

Robert was employed as an overseer in Walker county, Texas, in July 1860 when the U. S. census was taken.


January 12, 1861
Waverly, Walker county [Texas]
At home this wet, rainy pouring down day. It pours down in torrents by steamboat loads.

Dear sister and family,

I drop you a few lines in order to let you know that the Yankees have not killed us all yet and they leave us all well and I hope and trust they will find you enjoying the same like blessing. I have been looking and expecting a letter from you until my eyes have almost give out and I have no patience at all, and this is a bad fix to be in. You may be sure that I have trouble upon trouble, one after the other, but now they are all coming down in a heap on me at once. Well, what are they? you ask me. Well just hold on a little while.

I expected to have been at your house on Christmas night but on account of sister Mary’s family and herself, they — you may be sure — would have all gone crazy if I had [gone] back to Georgia under the present excitement on the North and South and the Indians and negroes all too, they would have all gone distracted and would have had to be carried to the asylum and there to stay for life. I can’t go nowhere but they want to go too and with this care and affection brings tolerable trouble. And they look too for the forthcoming one all their necessaries one life. And then for me to think that before I [left] Georgia, there was some 2 or 3 that told me when I got to Texas and found sister Mary and family to write back there and to let them know how she was getting on with her matters and if she wanted assistance, they would send me help for her. But I never have seen nor heard one ever getting here yet, and then there is the estate of our brother John. Mr. Peek that I can’t [get] no satisfaction about it, much less even receive any money from there. I have sent power of attorney written by the powers and the authorities, officers, and signed in there presence, and signed by them in presence of the witnesses and it seems that they all do no good at all so I am almost in despair of ever receiving anything at all but be this as it may, God knows the hearts of all people and if I never get mine, I hope the rest will get theirs.

I would write more but I have almost got my pen on the table. Write to me sooner and my love to all enquiring friends. Goodbye.

Tell me if brother Stockes and wife has ever received the Texas Baptist and how they like it. I sent that to him. — R. J. Peek

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