1864: Orson Merrill Foote


Capt. Orson Merrill Foote wearing the “Star” 12th Army Corps Badge on his hat

This document was written — or at least signed — by Capt. Orson Merrill Foote (1827-1908) of Co. B, 60th New York Infantry. Orson was the son of Newell and Mary Goulden Foote. He mustered into the 60th New York as a 1st Lieutenant in Co. G in September 1861 and was promoted to Captain of Co. B in March 1863. He was wounded in action on 2 August 1864 before Atlanta, losing his left index finger. He was discharged from the service on 22 November 1864.

Returning home to his wife, Sena Sutton (Jones) Foote, and two children at Madrid, New York, Orson acquired possession of several farms. He later resided in Kimball, South Dakota.


Madrid, St. Lawrence county, New York
October 28th 1864

I certify on honor that on the 17th of June 1864 at Kennasaw Mountain, Ga., the stores enumerated below for which I am responsible were lost under the following circumstances. One noncommissioned officer & one private of my company were sent to the hospital by proper authority while the regiment to which my company belongs was on the march closely pursuing the enemy and I was wholly unable to dispose of their arms & accouterments except to let them carry them to the rear. The following is the list of stores so lost:

(1) one Enfield Rifle
(1) one Springfield Rifles musket
(2) Two cartridge boxes & plates
(2) two cartridge box belts & plates
(20) two waist belts & plates
(1) one bayonet & scabbard for sword bayonet
(2) two gun slings
(2) two cap pouches
(1) one bayonet scabbard
(2) two screw drivers
(2) two wipers

Orson Foot, Capt. Co. B, 60th N.Y. Vols

The undersigned being duly sworn deposes and says that he is cognizant of the facts as above set forth and that they are correct to the best of his knowledge & belief.

— Orson Foot, Capt. Co. B, 60th N.Y. Vols.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 4th day of November 1864

Geo. G. Simons, Justice of the Peace in and for St. Lawrence Co., N. Y.

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